Monday, June 3, 2013

Quote of the Day!

" Too many people postpone their happiness waiting for a future goal to manifest." - Ilya Alexi

I love reading books that provide inspiration or motivation when I need it most. And lately, I've been reading a book called " Mind Over Money: How to program your mind for wealth." It basically is a book about the law of attraction and we can attract wealth into our life just by changing how we think and go about things in our daily lives. This quote really hit home for me personally because as a "goal-getter", I set many goals I'd like to achieve and quite often have placed my happiness on achieving a future goal. I am the first person to be guilty of saying "when I get this, I will....." versus living in the moment and appreciating what I already have and the goals that I have already accomplished. It is wonderful to have goals and a want to attain them, however, it shouldn't be at the expense of enjoying the here and now. That doesn't mean don't set goals or plan for the future, it just means live in the moment. Take the time to enjoy life's simple pleasures, like smelling fresh flowers in bloom or walking barefoot on the beach watching the waves hit the rocks. Kiss your child or your spouse and enjoy being in the presence of family. Everything else, the stress of work, of bills or whatever it may be will be there tomorrow. Live in today! 

Hopefully this quote inspires you as much as it has myself and provokes you to enjoy the present. Happy Monday! 

The book, by the way, can be purchased on It actually is a free book if you have a Kindle. Make sure you check it out!


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